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Many of our customers are opening their “door to wealth” by buying high yield commercial property.

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SMSF Commercial Property Loans for High Yield Commercial Property

SMSF commercial property investors often buy commercial property for an income stream. They look to purchase high yield commercial properties that have tenants on strong leases. They commercial properties can be found through Yieldfinda.

As an example the smsf commercial loan may be done at 5% and the high yielding commercial property found through Yieldfinda may be at 9%. The smsf investor receives the difference, which is the income stream.


Our goal is to help make commercial lending cheap, fast and simple!!

We specialise in helping you arrange:-

  • Commercial Loans,
  • Corporate Finance
  • Construction Loans and
  • Development Finance.

Our service is Australia wide, and includes commercial, office, industrial, retail and hospitality properties.

These commercial loans include:-

Cheap, Fast and Simple.

This site is not about normal standard commercial lending. There are plenty of internet sites out there that already do that.

It is about niche commercial lending that is both cheap, creative and compliant.

Our goal is to make buying a high yield commercial property easy for our customers.

Working with Commcierge (a Commercial Concierge service) we have commercial experts that help our clients from start to finish.

Commcierge brings all these commercial property professionals together to make buying a high yield commercial property simple.

From help finding high yield commercial properties, to cheap commercial property loans, to professional commercial legal professionals our customers are helped the whole way through

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Why commercial property investors choose Commercial Warehouse

SMSF Commercial Property Loans

Rate vs term!

This is a question we are asked regularly. For smsf commercial property loans, many banks will match the loan term to the lease term. If the tenant only has three years to go on the lease (which is the income stream) then the loan will be three years. The question becomes is it better to get a shorter commercial loan at a cheaper rate, or pay slightly more and have a longer loan term with no annual reviews.

SMSF Commercial property loan terms from 1 to 30 years.

Loan term  doesn’t have to be determined by the length of the lease in place. It is possible to go up to 30 years on SMSF Commercial property loans  It is on a case by case basis. That said if the members weren’t making contributions and the lease was due to expire in 6 months we might see the term reduced.

SMSF Commercial property loans without liquidity requirements. If your bank wants a liquidity requirement then call us.

SMSF Commercial Loans on specialised commercial properties such as storage units, service stations etc.

Lease off commercial loans

Rate vs term!

With some Lease income commercial property loans it may be possible to go a 15 year term and this isn’t dictated by having a 15 year lease in place.  Commercial loans over a term longer than the lease where the sitting tenant has been there for some time eg tenant been there 10 years, but only signs 3 year leases it may be possible to do a 15 year term.


No Doc Commercial Loans

This product can be used to purchase property, provide cash out, refinance, payout ATO debt etc. There is a lot of flexibility particularly below $2m and even more so for the smaller transactions $1m and below.

Purchasing residential property is acceptable, where a company is purchasing the property and will be on the title and the borrower.

Residential security held in a company name, and using this to secure debt. E.g providing cashout for business purposes (happy to work with you around what is acceptable on each case as it comes in).


Developers – we are ok with assisting developers, in both purchasing sites (vacant or with development potential, with DA or without) . Cashout to developers to tip into a development or to go out and purchase another site.

Commercial Property Loan Products


  1. No Doc Commercial property loans (asset lend, no income declared or verified)
  2. Lease Only commercial property loan (rent from third party tenant covers assessed interest – No Financials, No tax returns/group servicing)
  3. Low Doc Commercial property loan (Income statement with accountant signoff, OR last quarter of BAS)
  4. Full Doc (Full disclosure, 2 years tax returns and financials)
  5. SMSF (Resi – LVR up to 80% / Commercial securities – LVR up to 75% with no liquidity requirements)


Loan purposes

Including purchase, refinance, debt consolidation, working capital, cash out, tax debt, credit impairment payments etc

Security types

Offices, factory, medical suite, warehouses, retail, vacant land, serviced apartments, childcare, adult entertainment, motel, petrol station, boarding house etc.



Loan terms up to 30 years with 5 years interest only.

Set and forget, no annual reviews, covenant monitoring or periodic revaluation of security.

LVR’s up to 80%




  • Unlimited cash out and debt consolidation policy


  • No penalty for minor credit impairment (i.e. ATO debt, mortgage arrears)


  • Set and forget facilities. No annual reviews, covenant monitoring or revaluation of security during the term of the loan


  • We will consider specialised securities (i.e. motels, service stations, childcare , adult entertainment, etc)


  • We will consider regional and rural locations – Populations over 10K


  • All credit profiles considered


  • Commercial Property Loan terms up to 30 years



Please call us if you would like to know more.



Disclaimer:- As always, everything on this site is not advice and is information only. You should contact professional legal and financial advisers before you make any commercial decision.